Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Distribution Box (FDB) is also called optical distribution box (ODB), which is used for outdoor, building or indoor connection of backbone fiber optic cable and fiber optic distribution cable interface equipment. Through the adapters, bring the optical signals with fiber optic patch cord or drop cable with fast connectors or optical splitters. Therefore, fiber distribution box also called fiber optic splitter box, network access point (NAP) box or fiber access network (FAT) box, in Spanish called caja de terminal optical (CTO) box. It is widely used for protection connection of cable and pigtails, also for the fiber optic termination point in fiber optic access network. 

The fiber optical distribution box must be able to work reliably in the specified environment, and its box can withstand a vertical pressure.

Environmental Requirements


Operating temperature

Relative Humidity

Atmospheric pressure








The classification and naming of Yingda’s boxes is roughly as follows: outer appearance, number of entrance and exit cable ports, and internal configuration.

CTO Series (Caja de Terminal Optical Box)

The distinctive feature of this series is that the cable outlet is a Huawei compatible mini SC adapter, and the exit docking connector must be a mini-SC connector. The type of fibre optic cable to be docked depends on whether it can be matched to the connector. The advantage is that the connectors are already assembled at the factory and can be inserted directly on site to complete the construction, saving on termination labor and time cost. The disadvantage is that the lengths and specifications are fixed and require prior knowledge of the project details, while the front-end procurement costs are relatively high as the connectors and cables are expensive.

FDB Series (Fiber Distribution Box)

All ftth boxes on the market today are essentially for use with drop cable, so basically all of the products in this range have a drop cable outlet. There are slight differences in the style and diameter of the cable entry and exit in each box, but they are all similar in function.

FAT Series (Fiber Access Terminal Box)

The distinctive feature of this series is that all cable outlets are fast connect waterproof plugs and the connectors for docking are normal SC connectors inside of the waterproof plug. There are no mandatory requirements or restrictions on cable type or connectors for docking, and the length of the fibre optic cable can be adjusted to suit the entire project. The advantage of this is that there is no need to plan the entire project in every small detail in advance, flexible and convenient to operate, which is also a big advantage for many phase 2 or renewal projects. The disadvantage is the increased construction time and labor costs in the field and the relatively lower efficiency.

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Production Process

All of Yingda’s products are made of brand new raw materials and all production processes are in accordance with strict execution standards. All products are shipped after 100% inspection and passing. Refuse to inferior quality products and unqualified products to impact the market or damage the interests of customers.

Product Features

Basic Functions

Fiber optic terminal box as the terminal equipment of fiber optic cable network, should have 5 basic functions as below: cable strength member like metal or kelvar fix and protection clamps, splicing for fiber pigtails or cables, optical distribution flat drop cable with fast connectors, optical splitter split light signal from 1 to 2 4 8 16…, and fiber access to store and winding in box, etc.

Fix & Protection

When the fiber optic cable is introduced into the cable distribution box, there must be a reliable fixing and protection device, and the fixed metal moisture barrier, armored layer and reinforced core of the fiber optic cable must be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device, and the fiber optic cable must be protected with plastic heat shrink protection sleeves or spiral tubes and fixed into the fiber optic fusion splicing device after stripping.
Butterfly cable coiling and tying must be natural straight, no twisting, ringing and other phenomena, it is appropriate to use the necessary fixed devices to ensure that no external extrusion and operational damage.

Cable strength member fixtures


At user side, can fusion splice the optical fiber cable with cables or pigtails, there is splice trays or splice plates in the distribution box, and  the excess fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion splice is protected and fixed with sleeves in the slots.

Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splice and Protection Area


There are adapter plates to realize achieve optical docking with the optical connectors at both sides. The adapter and connector should be able to plug and unplug flexibly; the optical path can be freely deployed and tested.

Fiber optic cable distribution with drop cable and fast connectors, adapters


Every box is designed with enough and reasonable fiber storage area to hold the access fibers or cables and to ease cable wiring, adjustment, and can meet the minimum bending radius requirements.

Access fiber or cable can be stored in box storage area, to help protection and store


With the development of fiber optic network, the existing functions of fiber optic distribution box can no longer meet many new requirements. At present, fiber optic network components such as splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and optical switch are directly added to the fiber optic terminal box. There are mainly 2 types of splitters can be used, mini plc splitter or LGX module splitter.

fiber optic splitter tube slot or LGX module fix place.

Cable Entrance

Fiber optic distribution box mainly have 2 kinds of optical cable port design: uncut cable port (mid span or express port), waterproof glands.

Uncut Ports
Uncut cable port ensure the backbone fiber optic cable into the box not cutting, only need to peel the outer sheath and strength members, the extra fiber core can continue to the next fiber optic point for further use. It can save wiring cost and also facilitate fast construction. This structure of fiber optic cable entry port can achieve IP65 waterproof rating, because there are corresponding rubber plugs or waterproof materials to match.
Waterproof Glands
Waterproof cable glands can effectively prevent moisture from entering the box, waterproof effect can reach IP65 or higher level. The cable entry must be cut off, the bulkhead will split into single fibers to direct fusion or termination with fiber optic connectors. Currently the most used is PG13.5 waterproof glands, but can be configured different diameter waterproof glands according to customer needs and box size.

Cable Exit

There are many types of cable exit in different shapes, size or functions. But the same function is to hold the cable exit in place and tightly during long run. Our company also named different product models according to this feature.  The following mainly shows a variety of different optical fiber output you may meet:

Internal Structure

With the rise of fiber to the home, basically most of the boxes now highlight the splitting function, so the internal structure basically comes with a splitter function. And splitter is mainly divided into 2 types: mini splitter or LGX splitter module.  

LGX Module Splitter
The LGX splitter is an all-in-one slot type of spitter with adapter and splitter already, fast and convenient to operate, whih does not require additional manual operation. The fully enclosed design is also neat and attractive, making it easy to protect the fibres.
Mini Splitter With Adapters
Micro splitters are generally used with adapters to facilitate the fixing of connectors. Easy to replace with other splitting ratios, the pigtail length can be flexibly selected and can be fused directly without connectors, more flexible and versatile.

OEM Requirements?

Please share your original files or idea, let’s make it true!

Mounting Methods

Outdoor optical distribution box mostly used in aerial mounted, pole mounted or wall mounted. Different box have different mounting methods, and the kits may differs a little.  Please contact sales representatives for details.

Pole Mounting
Wall mount kits+2 stainless steel tapes
Wall Mounting
Expansion screws / set
Aerial Mounting
2 Stainless steel hooks

Spare Parts

If no special requirements, box is installed on wall outdoor, standard is wall mount kits with accessories, but each box may differs a little, not all the same. Below just for your reference:

Optional Accessory

However, on side construction installation will need other tools for different application, for example, after fusion splice, will need heat shrink protection tubes to protect the fiber joints, nylon ties to fix the cable in place, buffer tube to protect the bare fiber bundles from broken. Furthermore, there may need sleeve slots if there is no slots while need this function,  adapter blocks to prevent dust, etc.

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Brand Improvement

In order to better enable our customers to improve brand awareness and expand regional influence, Yingda can print the brand, part number or other information that our customers need.  So if you  need, please share the original information in PDF. AI, CDR. or JFG formation, then will make for you.  There are 2 types of printing methods, see below explanation:

Screen Print LOGO
Silk printing use paint and can be in colors, not limited to one color, which helps to promote the brand and increase recognition. However, it requires logo molds, one color a mold, if more than 2colors will increases the cost; at the same time, manual printing is required, several colors have to be printed several times, the production cycle will be lengthened, and labor costs will increase accordingly. The cost is charged by color quantity too.
Laser Print LOGO
Laser engraving (laser print )can only print one color, such as gray, white or black, etc. The advantages are many, such as machine printing, fast and convenient; laser printing will not change color over time, more durable than silk screen printing; laser engraving is not limited to the physical plane, non-planar can also be operated, increasing the practicality. But it can not print more than 2 colors or color. In addition, it is a relatively large initial investment.

Assembly & Termination

All fiber distribution box will totally enclosed with all accessories in carton box, 100% test before delivery. When customer get the box, only simple steps to finish assembly and terminated with fiber optic connectors to distribute light signals to end users.

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FAT fiber optic box can install splitter, adapters, pigtails internal; outside is indoor or outdoor cable or drop cable with SC connectors or SC fast connectors; cable port is IP67 waterproof plugs.

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CTO fiber optic box can install splitters, pigtails internal, not use standard adapters; outside use cables pre-terminated with Mini SC connectors ONLY. Cable ports are IP68 Mini SC adapters, the box waterproof grade can meet IP65 to IP68.

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FDB fiber optic box can install splitters, adapters, pigtails internal, outside use indoor outdoor cable or drop cable with SC connectors or fast connectors, cable ports is round or flat ports. The box waterproof grade meet IP65.

Related Products

There are mainly several types of passive optical devices can be used in this optical distribution box: patch cord, adapters, pigtails, plc splitter, couplers, drop cable, fast connectors, heat shrink protection tube, etc.

Please offer details before buy

In order to offer competitive price in fastest time, please help offer details. The more specific, the better.
  • Fiber Capacity:  4core, 8core, 16core, 24core, 32core, 72core, 96core,… etc
  • Adapter Quantity: SC LC ST FC, UPC APC or PC
  • Pigtails: Connector type, fiber length, fiber type, etc
  • PLC splitter: split ratio:1×2 1×4 1×8 1×16 1×32, … , pack in LGX ABS or Mini Type
  • Print LOGO: where, what and size?
  • Mounting Kits: wall mount, pole mount, aerial mount 
  • Color: White, black, gray or other

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 10 years fiber optic experience, we help solved many  problems with the use, features, applications or price. Below mainly describe popular questions for your reference. Any more questions, pls contact our sales representatives.

Possible To Change The internal To Other Type?

Yes, some  models can, as long as the internal size and design is available. Please talk to our sales about which model can change. Take FDB0216H for example:

Adapter Plate With Splice Trays
LGX Splitter With Splice Tray
Adapter Tray With Splice Tray

Can FDB Box Meet IP68?

Yingda have only a few distribution boxes can meet IP68, such as FDBF0216F, FDB0216F-S, FDB0224F, FDB0224G. which made test by SGS, this is waterproof.

Other boxes are mainly IP65 IP67 maximum, especially the box with drop cable ports,  we only ensure it is IP65, it is only water resistant, not waterproof(at least IP67). If customers get quotation from supplier who said drop cable ports meet IP68, it is not true.

1. What is the difference of IP65, IP67 and IP68?

“IP” stands for Ingress Protection, and the 1st digits ’6’ describe the exact degree of protection against contact, the 2nd digit “5/6/7/8” describe the degree of protection against  liquid.

IP65 Means complete protection against contact dust tight, and protection assured against a nozzle 6.3mm(water jets) at 12.5litres/minute from any direction. IP66 water jets is 12.5mm nozzle.
IP67 Means complete protection against contact dust tight, and protection assured against temporary immersion in water 15cm~1m depth for max. 30minutes.
IP68 Means complete protection against contact dust tight, and protection assured against continuous immersion in water over 1m depth. This is the top grade for Fiber Optic Box at present.
2. Waterproof vs Water Resistant, What Are The Difference?

There are differences in the degree of water resistance, but there is no such thing as the degree of waterproof. That is to say, no matter how high the water pressure is, water can not seep in unless it is damaged, it is waterproof.


Do You Have Any Test Certification?

All of our products are made of brand new material, and our products have been tested by SGS environmental protection test report ROHS. To protect the environment, everyone is responsible.

If other test reports are required, we can cooperate with customers to verify within our own company or submit to third-party institutions for inspection. However, the customer must clearly inform the requirement in the order confirmation link. For different requirements, there will be slight differences in the ratio of materials used and the production process of the product. For example, flame retardant test, impact test, drop test, etc.

What Is The Best Material for FTB Box: PP ABS PC ?

Fiber optic distribution box is mainly used for outdoor installation, most now we make are high quality engineer plastic PC+ABS materials. In fiber optic industry, plastic mainly has three kinds:PC PP ABS or several kinds of plastic mixed materials.

  • Polypropylene =PP
  • Polycarbonate=PC
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene=ABS
ABS material
ABS vs PC, Which Is Better?

Polycarbonate (PC) is temperature resistant, and somewhat flame retardant/self-extinguishing. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a blend of three different plastic materials – Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene.  When comparing, ABS vs Polycarbonate for patterns and colors, polycarbonate always wins. So at present, most fiber termination box indoor is ABS materia, PC is mostly used in fiber optic splice closure which used outdoors. 

PP vs ABS, Which Is Better?

Some properties of ABS are the same as the PP’s. At the same time, ABS also has some other properties that PP does not have.

ABS is impact resistant, which is better toughness than PP. The temperature resistance of ABS is also better than PP’s. Both ABS and PP have shiny surfaces, and the surface of ABS is shinier than PP’s. 

Is PC-ABS Stronger Than ABS?

PC+ABS is generally stronger than ABS,  and provides higher impact resistance. In general, PC-ABS is up to 60% stronger than ABS in specific blends, having higher overall mechanical properties in most categories. Therefore, the most used is PC+ABS alloy material. This material is better than ABS alone, not so strong as PC.  The price of raw material ABS PC PP tell the truth. However, with the increasingly competitive market and the serious impact of the epidemic on the world economy, the cost requirements are getting lower and lower, and currently many customers in the market can only accept the price of ABS material. 

There are lower requirements market may choose PP instead, but from the life span and possible maintenance comprehensive consideration, Yingda still recommend ABS PC materials for all.