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fiber optic accessory

Fiber Optic Accessory

Fiber optic accessories are mainly passive optical components, whether it is fiber to the home, trunk wiring, server room cabling, security monitoring and other passive optical networks or active optical networks, all need to use these products with connectors.

cable management system

Cable Management System

During optical fiber transmission and wiring, various optical fiber devices will be used for the identification, sorting, organize, relay and subsequent maintenance and upgrading of optical fiber signals. YINGDA specializes in the production of various fiber optic equipment which can be customized.

outdoor fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Yingda provides various types of indoor & outdoor cable, OPGW cable, ADSS cable, drop cable, armored cable, waterproof cable, base station cable and photoelectric hybrid cable, etc. Apply in overhead, buried, pipeline, submarine, indoor wiring, etc.

data center

Data Center

With the rapid development of communication technology all over the world, there is an increasing demand for optical fiber transmission rate and capacity. We can provide a variety of optical communication products to meet the demand.