Data center is particular global collaboration network unit for the Internet infrastructure transmission, acceleration, display, computing, data storage. Currently the data center room cabling system consists of two parts, SAN network cabling systems and high density network cabling system. MPO is one important products in data center for  high density distributions.

MPO stands for “Multi fiber Push On”, which is the first generation of spring clip multi-core connector developed by NTT Communication Company of Japan in the 1980s.

The MPO connector is similar to that of ordinary SC connector, but several times denser. Typically 12 fibers can be arranged in a row, supporting one or more rows of fibers in the same MPO connector, depending on the number of cores discharged in the connector – one row (12 cores), multiple rows (24 cores or more), or 16/32 cores for 400Gb applications. This allows for the simultaneous transmission of 12 or more fibers in a single MPO connector, saving space and resources for fiber optic cabling.


Production Process

Yingda has been specialized in manufacturer MTP MPO products for more than ten years. We have strict operating procedures and standard index requirements, and use various international advanced equipment and testing instruments to ensure product quality. Meanwhile, we have two engineers with rich production experience of more than ten years to connect production and sales, and more than 30 full-time skilled workers, so it can complete production more efficiently and deliver earlier.

Free Catalogue

Yingda offer full range or MPO MTP solutions, keep in touch with us, will return with surprise!

MPO Cable Types

Yingda can provide all kinds of MPO fiber cable, MPO breakout cable, MPO trunk cable,  MTP patch cord, MPO patch cords, MPO pigtail, MPO patch cable, MPO cassette patch panel, MPO cassette,  MPO adapter, MTP adapter, with MPO12 or 24 fiber MPO, 8 fiber MPO connector interfaces, etc. We can offer MPO brand like SENKO, USCONEC  or Made In China type. The fiber color, cable color and connectors house color all refer to international standards.

MPO Harness Cable

MPO hydra cable assemblies are with a single 12core, 24 core MPO connector in one end and 12 or 24 LC SC connectors for another end. This patch cord needs to be installed inside of the module cassette, connecting the backbone cable with the equipment, which can be modularized and plug play.

Compared with traditional splicing, it’s dramatically improved the work efficiency and brings convenience.

MPO Cassette

The MPO fiber cassettes are mainly used to divide the 12fiber MPO or 24 fiber MPO connector of the pre-assembled terminal end to the simplex or duplex connectors. By using the simplex or duplex patch cords, the output of the modules can be directly connected with the equipment, frame or the client end. This modular MPO fiber cassettes are not used individually, but used in MPO cassette patch panels.

MPO Patch Panel

MPO high density patch panel in applied in MDA, IDA or HAD in data center for trunk cable connection and cable distribution, the patch panel installed inside a 19 inch cabinet, and could pre-assembled with MPO MTP adaptor panel, or MPO MTP Cassette. The capacity will be 72cores, 96cores, 144cores, 384cores, and 576cores.

OEM & ODM Available

Pack Information

Yingda mainly offer 2type of pack types: plastic bag or electrostatic bag, all MPO MTP products are 100% test and the test report will be included in the bag before delivery.

Plastic Bag

1pc/bag, with neutral labels or customized stickers.

Electrostatic Bag

1pc/bag, with neutral labels or customized stickers.

Tools Related

In the process of testing, using and docking MPO connectors, they may be polluted by dust and oil, so they must be removed as soon as possible to reduce fiber loss. At the same time, in order to test the basic parameters of the MPO connector, a variety of test instruments are required. If you have more needs, please contact our foreign trade salesman directly.

Do you have the following questions?

If there are some questions or wondering where you are not clear about it, if you meet problems when using MPO products, please check if you can find answers below. If not, please contact our sales team freely.

What is MPO/MTP insertion loss?

The international standard is less than 0.7dB, elite quality is less than 0.35dB. Different insertion loss will use different MT ferrules, cost is quite different.

What is MPO patch cord?

Fiber optic patch cord are both sides with fiber optic connectors on fiber optic cable. MPO patch cord is one or both sides are with MPO connectors or MTP connectors, it can also be called MTP patch cord if the connectors are USCONEC brand.

What is MPO connector type?

No matter what type of fiber used, there are only 2 types of MPO/MTP connectors, one is female connector, the other is male connector. The different is MT ferrules, female ferrule with 2pcs guide holes, male ferrule with 2pcs guide pins. Both of them are alignment with MPO adapters.

The truck cable are mainly female connectors,  MPO cassette use male connectors. Meanwhile, female connectors are cheaper than male connectors. 

M= male, F=female;  MPO/Female or MPO(F);  MPO/Male or MPO(M). 

How many fiber cores are in MPO MTP cable?

The MPO connector is multi-fiber connector, MPO connector types are mainly 8 cores, 12 cores, 16 cores, 24 cores. And they can mix into more fibers like 48 Fibers, 72 Fibers, 96 Fibers with several connectors together.  MPO 8 connector is realized by inserting 4 pseudo optical fibers in the middle of MT connector.  MPO 16 connector can do the same on MPO 24 connector or use 2pcs 8 fiber MPO connectors.

For 40G MPO-MPO fiber patch cords, a 12 core MPO multimode insert is generally used; for 100G MPO-MPO fiber patch cords, a 24 core MPO insert is generally used. There are also 16 single-row fiber arrays in the market today, which can be divided into multiple rows to form 32 cores or more. 16/32 core MPO fiber connectors will be the best solution for low latency, ultra-high speed transmission in next generation 400G networks.

What is MPO Type B?

Due to MPO is multi-fibers, different application need different polarity. There are mainly 3 types of polarity: Type A, Type B, Type C. 

Let’s see the difference as below:

Straight (Type A)
The fiber cores at both ends of the jumper are arranged in the same position, that is, 1 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end. The key directions on both ends are opposite, and key up corresponds to key down.
Full Crossed (Type B)
The fiber cores at both ends of the jumper are arranged in opposite positions, that is, 1 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end. The key orientations on both sides are the same, that is, key up corresponds to key up, and key down corresponds to key down.
Pairwise Crossed (Type C)
A pair of adjacent cores of the MPO jumper is crossed, that is, one end of the fiber core 1 corresponds to the other end of the 2, and one end of the fiber core 12 is 11 at the other end. The key directions on both ends are also opposite. The key up corresponds to the key down.

How to find the fiber 1 to 12 on MTP/MPO connector?

MPO 12 connector will use 12cores ribbon fibers. Before assembled, all fibers will be identify by fiber colors. After assembled, we can not see the fiber color by human eyes, so we can only decide the fiber 1 or fiber 12 by the white dot on the connectors side. The white dot side is fiber 1, the other side is fiber 12.

What is standard MPO?

MPO is a type of multi fiber optical connector for high-speed telecom and data communications networks, which conforms to standanrds of IEC 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 and ROHS.  All Yingda MPO/MTP product series meet CE standards too, please don’t worry the quality.

MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs, MTP is a registered MPO fiber optic connector brand produced by US Conec. Compared to the general MPO connectors, MTP fiber optic connectors are enhanced in optical and mechanical properties.

MTP fiber connector is in complete compliance with all MPO connectors and is 100% intermateable, but not all MPO connectors are compatible with MTP.

Can we use MPO connectors if interface is SC?

There are 2 type of MPO adapters, one of their outer size is the same as SC, so if you confirm to buy this type adapters, then it is compatible with SC. 

Is MPO single mode?

MPO can be single mode or multimode. But due to MPO is high density products, so mostly used in data center, so multimode are widely used more than single mode. Yingda distinguish different fibers by different connector house:

Can change MPO patch cords polarity ?

Yes, certainly, MPO connectors’ gender or flip polarity can be reversed by special tools. The connector components are different from ordinary connectors. If customer need, please notify us.  Refer to below video how to change:

What brand is your MPO connectors?

If customer not specify, all connectors are MADE IN CHINA type. If you have brand request, please tell us, the mostly used brand is SENKO, USCONEC, etc.

What kind of cable can be used for MPO?

MPO is multi fiber optic connectors, so it should use multi core type of indoor or outdoor fiber optical cables.  Now  most use 12fibers, 24fibers, 48fibers or 96fibers cables. And cable structure is loose tube round cable or ribbon cable at most of the time.

What is MTP connector?

MTP is the abbreviation of Multi-fiber Termination Push-on, which is a registered trademark of USConec for his own MPO connector, which has done a lot of optimization on MPO connector through several innovative designs with its own patent protection. Therefore, MTP connectors have better mechanical and optical performance than ordinary MPO connectors. MTP connectors, fully compliant with all professional standards of MPO connectors.

What is Standard loss, Elite loss?

Each fiber optic connectors have insertion loss, for single fiber connectors like SC LC FC ST, international standard insertion loss is IL<0.3dB, maximum 0.5dB. For multi-fiber connectors like MPO MTP, due to there are more than 1fiber in a connector, so it is harder to align all of them in the same loss, so the loss will be a little bigger. For single mode cable, the standard loss is IL<0.7dB, Elite loss is IL<0.35dB. For multimode cable, we make all with high standard ceramic ferrule, so the insertion loss is Elite loss IL<0.3dB for all products. 

For more in formation, please refer to below article: