Cable Installation Kits

Yingda provide full range of fiber optic cable installation kits on wall, pole, tower, duct, or base station. We ensure products and accessories offered by Yingda are brand new material, export standard pallet loading, with identification marks and labels. Quality assurance with 1-10years, fast delivery time and competitive price.

The kits mainly include:

  • Drop cable kits
  • ADSS OPGW or Figure-8 Cable kits
  • Stainless Steel Band & Bukcle
  • Other Metal Kits

Production Process

All of Yingda’s products are made of brand new raw materials and all production processes are in accordance with strict execution standards. All products are shipped after 100% inspection and passing. Refuse to inferior quality products and unqualified products to impact the market or damage the interests of customers.

The main procedures to make metal kits like below: Incoming sheet cutting, injection molding, polishing, assembly, labeling and warehousing, pallet shipping.

cable installaltion kits workshop
cable installaltion kits test instrument

Drop Cable Tension Clamps

FTTH is the last 1km deploying network and widely used in every corner of the world. The related fiber to the home accessories and kits are in huge demand, below are the products which we can offer:

ADSS OPGW Figure-8 Cable Kits

Except fat drop cable, round drop cable, there are other type of cable which can be used widely in FTTX networks, espeically ADSS, OPGW cable or figure-8 cable for aerial overhead mounting. And we can offer full range of related mounting accessories.

Stainless Steel Band & Buckles

FTTH is the last 1km deploying network and widely used in every corner of the world. The related fiber to the home accessories and kits are in huge demand, below are the products which we can offer:

Other Metal Installation Kits

Except the main toolkits to mount, there are many other accessories which used to help fix the cable, including hooks, reels, bracket and nails. Yingda can design and open mold for new items, if customer have OEM ODM request.

Free Samples Available

Only 1 step to get FREE samples from Yingda, help seize market share and win the bid in the fastest time.

Package Information

Due to the metal kits are very  heavy, so will need stronger package, but less quantity each box. Except the plastic bag, we will use high quality cardboard box to pack, then export standard fumigation-free pallet for shipment.

PP Plastic Bag

10pcs in a plastic bag, can paste cusstomer sticker or logo.

Cardboard Box With Pallet

500pcs/ carton box, then pack in fumigation free pallets for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 10 years fiber optic experience, we help solved many  problems with the use, features, applications or price. Below mainly describe popular questions for your reference. Any more questions, pls contact our sales representatives.

What is a drop wire clamp?

Drop cable clamp is specially used for supporting the drop cable at certain point of the deploying, it can be flat or round cable, especially before or after the pole, to connect with a S shape hook on the pole or wall.

drop cable clamp with round / flat shape
Tension clamp with drop cable

What is a drop fiber clamp used for?

The cable clamp is mainly used to fix and support the overhead optical cable, maintain its tension, and protect it from being broken. At the same time, the drop cable clamps can be used to  bring the cable to the end customer’s home. There is a hook at end of the pulling eye, which will be connected with the mounting brackets on wall or pole.

How do you use a drop wire clamp?

The clamp always used with a C hook, which connected with a pole or wall, not used separately.

How do you use stainless steel cut tool?

Firstly insert the stainless steel strap into buckle, wrap around the pole and pull  through, clip it into the cuter, rotate the handle to tighten till cut off.

Why your cable storage bracket not have pole mount straps?

Yingda cable storage bracket are made of stainless steel, it can be mounted on pole or tower. Both need different mounting kits, so if not specify where to mount, we will only quote the 2 cross brackets. If need to use on pole, we should need 1 or 2 pole straps with bolts. If need to use on tower, we should add the fasten kits, see below:


cable storage rack for pole