Fiber Optic Adapter

Fiber optic adapter (also called optic adapter, fiber adapter ) are designed to connect two optical fiber cables together. It can be simplex, duplex, quad, 6way or 8ways maximum, both sides will insert 2pcs fiber optic connectors such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU and E2000 etc. It is widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODF), optical distribution box, or splitter closures, cabinets, etc. which can provide superior, stable and reliable optical performance.


  • Full types of inerface available: SC LC FC ST E2000 MPO  MTRJ MU, etc.
  • 100% test before delivery
  • Low insertion loss, stable performance
  • Brand new material, sound package
  • Fast delivery, large productivity


  • Application
  • LAN, WAN, CATV Networks
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • FTTX, Communication System
  • Premise Installations
  • Video Transmission

Fiber Optic Adapter Types

Yingda make all kinds of fiber optic adapters, no matter general adapters , bare fiber adapters, shutter adapters, or adapters for test instrument. Now the most popular types are SC LC ST FC E2000 MPO adapters. 

Standard Adapter

Standard adapters are female to female adapters without fiber internal, but with ceramic sleeve to align with each fiber optic connectors. Insertion loss will be less than 0.2dB, mating more than  500times, operating temperature range from -40 ~+85°C.All adapters are brand new materials, 100% test before delivery. and all are pack by blister box, good protection during transportation and  onsite construction.

Shutter Adapters

Now SC LC have shutter adapters to meet anti-laser or dust-proof requirements, simplex or duplex, with flange or without flange both can do.  

Hybrid Adapters

In order to connect different types of patch cord or connectors, there are hybrid adapters such as SC-LC, SC-FC, SC-ST, e2000-fc, FC-ST, etc. Materials can be plastic or metal in different versions, most of them are female to female connectors. Meanwhile, there are other special adapters like male to female or female to male adapters, that means one side of the adapter port is female, the other side is male connectors, it can insert into another female connectors.

Bare Fiber Adapters

Bare fiber adapters are mostly used in test instruments or fiber optic connectors manufacturing. At present market, there are 5 types like SC LC ST FC SMA, etc., the outer appearance is round or square, all is metal materials, will use different color of dust cap to distinguish UPC APC. 

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Product Process

Generally speaking, the most popular adapter is the SC LC, which is basically made of plastic, which was made by automatic plastic machines. But FC adapters and ST adapters are metal materials like zinc alloy. Meanwhile, most of the hybrid adapter and bare fiber adapter are made of metal materials.

Order Notes

When purchasing adapters, customers must distinguish the following characteristics. Because these details not only have cost differentiation, but also affect the use of end customers. 

Mounting Ears
In ODF, cabinet or optical distribution box, need wall mount screws to fix it tightly, then need mounting ears / flange; if the space is not enough, flangeless adapters will be needed.
Body Shape
With the increasing market competition, one piece plastic body without welding are more and more popular, saving more production time and labor costs.
Dust Cap
Different adapters have different dust caps, for metal adapters. The color of the dust cap can be used to distinguish the type of optical fiber connectors UPC APC PC matched with the metal adapters.
Fiber Type
In order to distinguish the types of butt joint optical fiber connectors, the housings are distinguished by different colors, such as UPC blue, APC green, OM1 OM2 beige, OM3 aqua, OM4 purple, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 10years experience, we met and help solve varieties of problems or questions with customers. If you have any doubt ,please feel free to leave message here, our full experience sales team will help find answer for you.

How To Choose Fiber Optic Adapter?

In general, the selection of adapters depends on the connectors should be connected with according to the notes above. If the interfaces connected at both ends are the same type and both are male, then a female to female adapter is just fine. It is a common adapter like SC LC ST FC E2000, etc. This situation often occurs in optical fiber communication cabling systems such as ordinary ODF, cross cabinet or fiber distribution box.

But if both connectors interface used at both ends are different and both are male, the hybrid adapter can be used for docking, such as SC-LC, SC-FC, LC-ST, etc. It is suitable for docking various hybrid jumpers. Special note: if the two interfaces are different, and one is male and the other is female, please choose male to female adapters and should clarify which is female, which is male.

Bare fiber adapters are generally used in optical fiber testing instruments or optical fiber production equipment, such as pigtails, splitters, WDM and other production tests.

In addition, the quality of the optical fiber adapter depends greatly on the alignment sleeve in the middle, and its concentricity greatly affects the insertion loss of the adapter. There are metal sleeves and ceramic sleeves on the market. At present, most of them are ceramic sleeve adapters  which have proven to work much better than that made from metal. The ceramic sleeve is very hard and does not deform over time like metal, so it can achieve fast alignment and high-precision fiber end-face connection.

There Are Many Types of LC Optic Adapters, What's The Difference?

LC adapter have simplex, duplex or quad types. Most used is LC duplex adaptors. All the interfaces are almost the same, only small difference on the structure.

What Is The Insertion Loss Of Fiber Adapter?

The standard insertion loss is les sthan 0.2dB. If you have special requirements please specify in advance.

How Many Mating Times For Optic Coupler?

Standard is mating 500times.  If you have special requirements, please specify in advance. For examples, if customer need adapters to test patch cord on production line, it  need super quality optical fiber adapters, the cost and materials is quite different.

Why 2 Types Of E2000 Adapters ?

What Yingda can offer is E2000 made in china type, not original types. please kindly note. All adapters or connectors are compatible with original. R&M and HS are two famous brand of this connectors.  R&M is metal dust cap from outer appearance,HS is plastic, the internal of both connectors are quite different too.  See below:

What Adapters Used In Data Center?

Data center is high density system, so the smallest the best. LC duplex adapter, LC quad adapter, MTP  adapters,  MPO adapters are most popular in data center.

FTTH Terminal Box FTB104C Use FC ST Adapters?

Yes, standard FC ST interface is round hole, but SC interface is rectangle, and the box is  plastic, so can not change. So  should  use rectangle type of FC adapters, rectangle ST adapters. See right …

If ODF SC port, Can Use LC Adapter ?

Yes. SC outer size is the same as LC duplex, where the SC adapter can be replaced with LC duplex adapter. If ODF is 12ports SC, then it can be maximum 24cores LC; 12ports SC duplex equal to 48cores LC.

Can Use Shutter Adapters In FTTH Wall Outlet FTB86E ?

Yes, FTB86E FTTH socket panel can use SC shutter adapters, side shutter or front shutter are both ok. Except SC adapters, LC duplex adapter can also be used. It can be with flange or without flange. But kindly note, not all fiber optic box can use all of shutter adapters, should check details before buying with sales team, because the adapter port design and structure are different.

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SC Adapter Without Flange

SC Front Shutter Adapter With Flange

LC Duplex Adapter Without Flange

SC Side Shutter Adapter With Flange

How to Clean Fiber Optic Adapter?

Although the fiber optic adapter is one of the fiber optic passive devices, but plays a important role in the fiber optic cabling system. If there is dirt, scratch or ointment on the optical fiber end face, it will affect the butt docking loss of the optical fiber end face. There are two main cleaning methods, namely contact and non-contact cleaning.

Type 1: Contact Cleaning

Cleaning Cloth

Dust free Kimwipes or dust free cloth with sewage alcohol can wipe the end face of the fiber optic connector.

Cleaning Box

We can clean the fiber optic connector end face directly on the cleaning tape by hand. Mating> 550times. Can change the cleaning cassette inside.

Cleaning Pen

Cleaning pen CLEP-250-O for SC ST FC 2.5mm ferrule; Cleaning pen CLEP-125-Ofor LC MU 1.25mm ferrule; Cleaning pen CLEP-MPO-O for MPO MTP ferrule; Mating:800times

Cleaning Toolkit Bag

If need better cleaning, suggest to buy cleaning tool bag, it will be better choice with all accessories.

Type 2: Non-contact Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner adopts can turn the liquid into an ultrasonic “liquid column” to and then sent out.

High-pressure Air Blower

Align the high-pressure gas with the end face of the connector and blow away the liquid for cleaning.