Fiber Optic Attenuator

Optical attenuator is a kind of optical device that can reduce the energy of optical signal. It is used to attenuate the input optical power and avoid the distortion of the optical receiver caused by the ultra strong input optical power.

As an optical passive device, the optical fiber attenuator is used to debug the optical power performance, calibrate the optical fiber instrument and attenuate the optical fiber signal in the optical communication system. The product is made of attenuating optical fiber doped with metal ions, which can adjust the optical power to the required level.

Standards: IEC 61300-2, GR 910, IEC 61754-4,ROHS, UL 94 V0, CE

Attenuator Production Process

All of Yingda's products are made of brand new raw materials and all production processes are in accordance with strict execution standards. All products are shipped after 100% inspection and passing. Refuse to inferior quality products and unqualified products to impact the market or damage the interests of customers.

Optical Attenuator Category

According to the types of interfaces and different usage scenarios, we can roughly divide them into the following common categories:

Female to Male Attenuator (Build In Attenuator)

Female to male attenuators are the common type of fiber optic attenuators, also called build in attenuator, plug in attenuators.  This type of connector one side is female interface, the other side is male connectors. The attenuation can be range from 0-30dB. There will be label of attenuation loss xxdB on each product itself. Each one is fixed attenuation, when place orders, please specify the attenuation loss value and fiber mold (single mode or multimode), then we can offer detail price to you. Most of the time, the price is the same for different attenuation values. However, prices are different according to different interfaces. 

Female to Female Attenuator (Fixed Attenuator)

Female to female attenuator is also fixed attenuation value attenuators, both sides are female interfaces like fiber optic adapters. From outer appearance, if not have labels with xxdB, it should be adapters. The attenuation can be range from 0dB to30dB. Each one is fixed attenuation, like 1dB, 2dB, 3dB,…, when place order, please specify the attenuation loss value and fiber type too. Most of the time, the price is the same for different attenuation value, different due to different interfaces.

Mechanical Variable Attenuator (MVOA Attenuator)

MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) Variable Optical Attenuator for next generation, dynamically configurable optical networks. The attenuation loss range from 0-30dB for SC FC ST, 0-15dB fro LC attenuators. Most material is metal, and the both sides can be female or male,  multi-functions. Note: M=male; F=female

Inline Mechanical Variable Attenuator (VOA Attenuator)

In-line VOA Variable Optical Attenuator are manually-adjusted, used for precisely balancing the signal strengths in fiber circuits, or balancing an optical signal when evaluating the dynamic range of the measurement system. This attenuator can be connected with various fiber optic  connectors SC LC FC ST etc., simplex or duplex fibers, the input and output cable diameter can b e 0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm, cable length is customized when buying. The Attenuation value is wide range from 0dB to 60dB.

Free Sample Available

Its our pleasure to offer free samples to help seize market share and win the bid in the fastest time.

Fiber Attenuator Features

Package Information

Yingda provides all kinds of package methods for customers, like PP bag, Blister box or Inner cardboard box with foam pack.

PP Bag

1pc/bag, female to male, female to female , MVOA attenuators pack method.

Blister Box

1pc/box, Inline MVOA attenuators pack method.

Cardboard Box

1pc/box with foam, inline MVOA attenuator pack method.

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 10 years fiber optic experience, we help solved many  problems with the use, features, applications or price. Below mainly describe popular questions for your reference. Any more questions, pls contact our sales representatives.

Is there any price difference for 1dB, 2dB, 10dB... ?

Yingda offer the same price, don’t have any difference between different attenuation value.

How do you distinguish UPC APC?

UPC APC is for ferrule type, due to the attenuator is metal material, so will use different dust cap color to distinguish. UPC=blue, APC=green.

Can you make plastic SC attenuator?

Standard material for SC is metal, but plastic is ok. House color blue is UPC, green is APC. the dust cap color can be the same or use white or green to make difference.

Why would you need an attenuator?

Attenuators are usually used to reduce the optical signal power to proper level when the light power is too strong, or else it may  result in problems of the instruments, and more application for single mode fiber. It is mostly used in radio, communication and transmission line applications as volume controls in broadcasting stations and also can be used for matching circuits of different resistive impedance.

What is a fixed fiber optic attenuator?

Fixed attenuator means the attenuation is fixed, not variable, that means in fiber optic signal, if the input power is 10dB but the receiver only can load 5dB, then you must weaken the signal at 5dB, when you need a 5dB attenuator to make it into the demand power, or else it may burn out due to excessive power load, which is the same as US fan 110V can not used on China socket 240V, or else will burn out once plugged in. 

Every fixed attnuator will have label to show how much attenuation it is, like 1dB, 5dB, 20dB, etc.

What is the variable optical attenuator?

Variable optical attenuator means the attenuation level of optical signal can be adjusted, such as from 1 dB to 20dB, or even 60dB.  Yingda mainly can offer two types of variable attenuators, one is mechanical attenuators, the other is inline variable attenuators, which is like patch cord with 2 connectors at both sides, in the middle is a collimator to adjust at your wish.

 Mechanical fiber optic attenuators can adjust from 1-30dB, inline VOA attenuator can be adjust from 0-60dB.