What is the coverage range of 5G base stations?

According to data, the coverage radius of 2G base stations in our daily lives is about 5-10 kilometers; The coverage radius of 3G base stations is about 2-5 kilometers; The coverage radius of 4G base stations is about 1-3 kilometers; So what about 5G base stations?

Due to the high frequency and poor signal penetration of 5G, the coverage radius of base stations is generally about 100-300 meters, and the number of 5G base stations is more than twice that of 4G!

So in fact, the construction of 5G base stations will also increase exponentially compared to 4G. In the future, 5G base stations may not be installed on rooftops like 4G base stations, but may be installed on power poles and street lights. Therefore, in the high-tech era, the construction time of 5G may not be faster than 4G.

In fact, from 2G to 3G and then to 4G networks, there have been similar concerns about coverage radius. It is obvious that 4G networks have already achieved comprehensive coverage. Here, we need to mention the “Massive MIMO supporting technology“, which is a gain technology that can achieve further signal coverage.

However, the premise is that beam management must be used to predict user positions in order to continuously provide high gain beams. This type of technology can still have a certain effect of expanding coverage in areas with less concentrated personnel. The difference in coverage distance is also the fundamental reason why 3G (already phased out) and 4G (about to be phased out) are facing obsolescence, while 2G networks have been preserved.

In future, the comprehensive coverage of 5G is a must achieve goal, but the cost of investment will inevitably increase exponentially. Operators will also increase their tariffs in the short term to recover funds. Of course, we need to enjoy the ultimate 5G experience, and it seems reasonable to pay a little more service fees, after all, their initial investment costs are too high.

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