How to Find Affordable Fiber Optic Products

Over the past 12 years, we at Yingda have appreciated every customer and every proposal request, whether they are well-defined or incomplete.

To ensure Yingda provides high-quality service and quick responses, we have prepared a series of questions to help you more accurately describe your needs.

Three Types of Customers
First Type of Customer: These customers usually do not provide any detailed specifications when sending requests. Typical requests might be: “I am looking for a box with 16 adapters!” or “Please give me a fiber optic box with 24 fibers!” These types of requests lack many details, such as the usage environment (indoor or outdoor) and the type of adapter needed.

Second Type of Customer: These customers have good telecommunication knowledge but occasionally overlook some important details. Their requests are clear but incomplete. For example: “Can you provide me with a fiber optic box for 24× SC/APC connectors and 24 splice capacity? We will use a 12mm feeder cable and 24 splices.” Even in such cases, we need further communication to gather more details before preparing a quote.

Third Type of Customer: These customers have well-defined needs that include all necessary details. For example:

“We need:

100 outdoor wall-mounted enclosures – IP54
Maximum capacity of 24× SC/APC connections (12× SC/APC duplex adapters)
Include adapters, but exclude pigtails
Suitable for G657A1 fiber
24 splices (heat shrink protection) in one splice tray
Feeder cable: 1×12mm
Distribution cable: 12×3mm”

When all parameters are known, Yingda can quickly provide cost-effective and stylish products.

It is also helpful if customers provide more information about the project itself. Sometimes we can suggest using a cheaper indoor box instead of the originally planned outdoor box based on the shared information. The capacity and type of adapters or pigtails might also be adjusted according to this information.

Yingda is always committed to finding the best, most suitable, and most perfect fiber optic product solutions for customers.

For tenders or large important projects, we recommend product sampling – ordering a full set of products according to established and agreed specifications. This helps detect and avoid any misunderstandings or specification errors through trial installation by the customer before the official product ordering, mass production, and delivery.

Based on our years of service experience, if you can create a comprehensive request with all necessary details before sending it, this can save extra communication time for both parties, enabling us to respond quickly and accurately.


Installation location: Indoor / Outdoor?
Type of product: Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, pedestal, or 19-inch rack?
Material: Steel or plastic?
Number and diameter of incoming cables or ducts?
Number and diameter of outgoing cables or ducts?
Maximum capacity of connectors?
Specify adapter and connector type: SC, ST, LC, FC, E2000, simplex, duplex, or quad?
Maximum capacity of splices?
Need pre-installed adapters?
Need pre-installed pigtails?
Required fiber optic standard (G652D or G657A1, A2)?

By addressing all these questions before sending your request, you can help ensure a faster and more accurate response from us.

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